Love Messages – Application For Generate Sms For Android Devices
Sending sms to friends and love ones. Is the best way of expressing our love to friends and love ones. Majority of users don’t really know what text message or short message means to some. Most especially your love once.

Love Messages

Sometimes it’s not because we don’t know what it means to send text message to friends. But it’s because we really don’t know what to write or how to express our felling. There are millions of websites our there.

With millions of text messages. All in various category such as love sms, birthday sms, and exam sms just to name a few. Most users copy text message from website and send to their love ones. Why some use it as a a way of getting ideals on what sms to send to their loved ones.

What’s Love Messages Application

Today for the first time i have came across an application. That can generate sms automatically all by itself. You don’t have to worry  about spending your time on visiting any website any more. With just a click on the app you get all your favorite category of sms.

All of which are awesome love text messages. Love messages is an application built to generate text messages. Love messages is an online and offline application you can connect to internet in other to update the app.

What’s In Love Messages

This application runs only on mobile devices. When you lunch the app. You see series of love messages select the category. Love messages app has 5000 different sms in the app already installed. So when you download the app you don’t have to worry about updating this app.

You can also view them in English or India. just at the very first page when you lunch the app. you  we see a menu icon at the top right corner click on it and select the language you want.

Features of Love Messages Application

This application has so many unique features. And functionality and easy to understand. Users don’t have to start look for icons. And how to send messages using deferent platform. Here are some unique features below.

  • Clicking Through sms.
  • Favorite a message.
  • Increase text size.
  • Left and right navigation key.
  • Menu icon.

Clicking Through Sms

This application doesn’t really have a particular icon for selecting a message. You have to click on the category you want to access. To be able to view series of messages. You also need to click on the message. In other to get full access such as. To be able to send it to a friend and other social media.

Favorite a Message

Users can favorite a message by clicking on the love icon at the top right corner. By tapping on the icon means that you have marked it favorite. This features we help in categorizing the pictures in one category.

Menu icon

This is where you see all settings associated with sms. When you click to view sms. When you click on this icon you can share that particular text message to all you social media and friend’s mobile number. You can copy and edit message.

How To Download Love Messages 

  1. This  app is available on Google play store.
  2. Open Google play store on your device.
  3. Enter Love Messages on the search box.
  4. Click on it on the search result to start downloading.


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