Why install different email apps when you can manage all your account all in one piece? Get my mail app to organize all your email in one app. Save your time and device space by coupling all your accounts in a box called MyMail. This email app helps you check email easily. Install this ideal app on your mobile device and you are just a click away to enjoying the standard features it possesses.


MyMail is a mobile app created by My.com purposely for managing multiple email accounts. It also helps to create new email account. So you can have or create email account today using this app. It supports iOS and Android operating systems and some recent statistics have shown that the app has over 100 million users. It enables its users to add different mail provider accounts. Its sleek options allow users to have easy access to various mailboxes at their convenience with this mail app.

Users are able to add an existing Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail, AOL, My.com, Outlook, iCloud, Exchange or GMX and Live accounts. It also supports other IMAP or POP3-enabled mailbox. Hence, users are granted a swift entry to their various mail inbox at anytime, anywhere. MyMail secures mails and instantly notifies users on any activity carried out on each account.

MyMail App Review

My.com presents its MyMail app with user-friendly interface and credible design which serves as a manager for multiple email account. An installation and a quick setup of various accounts are all that is required of a user to enable MyMail app to manage such email account extremely well.

This app is well built with an all easy to use features so users can easily navigate between options. A user can access the entire folder for each of her email addresses. It supports customized push notifications which can be controlled in the app setting and can be turned off entirely. A user can mute the push notifications for a specific time interval of the day.

Extra Features

MyMail app allows users to select and upload avatar profile pictures. It visualizes an icon in the absence of an avatar which indicates sender of a mail. To hide privacy of emails, the app features an on-screen notification option where a user can hide the name and subject of a sent email to their mail inbox.

It compresses data which speeds email delivery and decreases data usage. The app allows users to preview and forward many attachments without having to download them on their devices. A smart search bar which functions as a quick search filter enables users to work out a specific email mial inbox, no matter how old it is. This app suggests word phrases based on previous email content and can also be used by inputting a key word. A user can then proceed to select her preferred email from the search results.

MyMail automatically imports and manages user’s contacts from her email account for easy and quick access. Send, receive and check mails at your convenience, anywhere at anytime. Be rest assured, users data are well protected on the app. Swipe gesture feature allows users to touch screen in order to browse between email accounts and manage individual or multiple emails. Gestures reveal the icons which mark read/unread, delete, move to folder or mark as spam.

MyMail App Setup

To get started on MyMail app, a user is required to install the official app after which a quick setup process is done. After installation, as a first timer, a user will be asked to configure her basic email account. Which ever account she chooses to configure, she will be noted to confirm it.

Google account users can use the built-in Android or iOS account services while other email providers’ users will be asked to provide their login details. Users then accept the permission needed by the app to access email and contacts on the account. Relax while the app syncs emails and folders. The same procedure is followed when adding multiple accounts on the app.

However, users should note that they can only setup and add to manage their various “existing” accounts. MyMail app is limited to only My.com sign up.

The app welcomes the user to a sleek interface with swipe gesture controls. This reveals mailbox panel when swiped right from the edge of the screen. Users can then browse through options and more features the app presents by getting started on it.

MyMail App Download

MyMail app is available for download on all Android and iOS devices. It is just a click process to install the app on your mobile devices. For Android users, the app is available for install on Google Play Store while iOS and iPhone users can get started by installing the email app on App Store. The download is easy and absolutely free.

MyMail App Sign In

After installation, you are good to go. Do not let curiosity get the best of you. All you need to get how to sign in on the app is simply to get started on it. Why wait any longer when you can’t wait to couple up your email addresses on one spot?The app page displays six-option categories which are arranged in a list view. They are as follow:

  • Google.
  • Yahoo.
  • Outlook.
  • Windows Live Hotmail.
  • AOL.
  • Other.

These listed below steps will guide a user on how to sign into her email account. Users stay connected to their various email addresses on their devices by installing MyMail app.

  1. Launch the installed app by clicking on its icon.
  2. Tap your email provider icon or select “other” if the option is not listed.
  3. Enter the required login details.
  4. Proceed to sign in; this directs you to your mailbox’s Inbox.

If your email provider is not automatically configured by the MyMail client, you will be redirected to a settings page which asks for certain details. Input the details and proceed to sign in. after signing in, you can add other email address accounts you would like to manage. All accounts are well differentiated so a user can navigate between accounts and access any selected account.


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