Operamini is a mobile web browser application that works only on mobile devices. It is develop by opera which is the parent company of operamini Web browser.

It was officially launched in 2005 by the parent company opera. This web browser first work on symbian devices and later has a version for jave ME. Now it’s been recognised as the most cost effective mobile web browser for all mobile devices.Operamini

The good news about this Web browser is that, downloading operamini cost nothing. Its free to all users be it android, IOS, blackberry OS or symbian.

You can download this app from any mobile store for free. Operamini has other unique functions, such as Compatibility, Speed, Downland manager, Web page optimization, News feed and speed dia icons. This are the things a users should consider when choosing a mobile web browser.

Way back when java and symbia phones where trending. User have to download apps base on their mobile screen size. In other to enable the app run well (fit to their mobile screen).

This mobile web browser has a compatibility mode that enables it’s to run on all mobile devices.

Majority of users look at the time taken to install a web browser. Or the data size of the Web browser, to determine the speed and how effective it is.

When it comes to speed, a user have look at the time taking for the application to start up when lunched. The time taking for it to load a particular web page. Operamini optimiza web page all in a seconds. It takes little to no time for operamini to load and compress a web page.

Downland manager.
To download  large files you need a download manager, this is because when ever your download fails as a result  of bad network or your phone goes off due to low battery.

You can easily resume the download and it we continue downloading right from where it stop. With out getting the file corrupt, this is a built in app that comes with operamini you don’t have to worry about downloading an additional software to help you when our are downloading.

Web page optimization.
Operamini compresses web page before sending it to mobile phones. The Web page are been downloaded using the opera server. This pages have their data reduced by the compression done by operamini (low amount of data transferred).

This features is unique and incredible because it helps in reducing data usage when browsing note that java script may not work properly as a result of the compression. But the good thing is that you don’t spend much on data when it comes to operamini.

News feed.
This is an awesome features that brings you all your favourite news headlines. This are the trending news in your location, on operamini this news are been referred to as top stories.

To get top stories you don’t have to pay an additional fee or charges all you need to do is open a new window and screw down to see top stories. You can click on it to get full details about the news or stores for free no extra charges.

Speed dia icons.
This are icons of web site when ever you click on them the site automatically load up. You don’t have to enter the url of the web site anymore.

This is more like a bookmark you can delete and you can add more icon. Note that you can only add 12 speed dia icons. This icons display at the first page of operamini ether When you lunch the app or open a new window.

This ia an amazing appliction that give users a better browesing experince. Operamini is been rated as one of the best mobile web browser. When it comes to data usage it is very economical then any other internet web browers.

How to Download Operamini on any Mobile Phones.

In resepetive of what os your devices is rnuning on. You can download operamini application for your device right from the offical Opera website (www.opera.com) ether with a mobile device or PC.

  1. Enter the url on any browser (opera.com).
  2. At the top menu of opera.com home page click on mobile.
  3. Select your platfrom to download from your mobile store.

Note: this is an application that is avalible to all mobile device that is internet enable.


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