Facebook offers users the opportunity to make as many friends as possible. The worthiness of a user’s status is to an extent judged by the number of friends they have. It does not take so much to add friends. All users need to do is search for a particular friend or browse through the friends Facebook usually suggests to users.

Block Facebook Friend - How To Block Someone On Facebook

In as much as it is really nice and fulfilling to see old friends and add them or add friends that are really new, there are some instances where users will rather not have some users on their friend’s list. This brings about the need to block Facebook friends. For the sake of one’s sanity and peace of mind, while using Facebook.

It is best when users know the kind of friends they are willing to add to their friend’s list. Some people that had been added to user’s friend’s list had become a source of pain rather than a source of joy and enjoyment. For such friends, it is wise to caution them for a while, and if there is no visible change effected, then they could be blocked.

Reasons to Block Facebook Friends.

Thee are several reasons why users will want to block Facebook friends. Some of these reasons are personal reasons while others are security reasons. Whatever the reasons might be. Every Facebook user has the right not only to add friends to their friend’s list but also the right to either remove them entirely or block them for a while. Some of the reasons why users block Facebook friends are listed below:

  • When friends post abusive content to their wall.
  • If there is a security risk as a result of having a user as a friend.
  • When the user discovers that they are being stalked by another user.
  • If provocative messages are being sent to a user.
  • When a user’s personal information is being used to the detriment of the user by a friend on his or her friend’s list.

Owing to the fact act that all Facebook friends of a Facebook user will always get updates and posts of a particular user (unless otherwise set on Facebook settings), it is only wise to be very careful as to the kind of friend’s request you approve of. And even if you do now without knowing the room of danger and discover your mistakes, later on, it is better for you to block Facebook friend.

How to Block Facebook Friend.

The steps to block Facebook friends is very fast and easy. All users need to do to block Facebook Friend are:

  • Go to Friends list.
  • Look for the friend you intend to block.
  • Click on his or her to reveal her profile.
  • Scroll down the profile to reveal the “Block contact” attached to his or her.
  • Click on block contact to have such user blocked.

Note that all blocked Facebook friends have an archive in which they are saved. Just in case you decide to unblock Facebook friends later on after a noticeable change in the behavior of such user, you could easily go to that archive. Pull out the person’s name and unblock him or her. To see this archive, visit the “Explore” section on Facebook. Click on settings to reveal the folder “Blocked people”.


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