In recent time social media is gaining new ground as there are billion of users who are currently online. There are lot of social platforms available as Facebook has a way of putting everyone on the same page. As a user, you can create Facebook group whereby other users can join your group. Now it depends on what your group is all about as any can create a group for anything.

Create Facebook Group - How to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook group requires admin approval for a member to join or by invitation. A new post by a group are included in the news feeds of the Facebook Group. Facebook create a way to extend the rate of your business greeting new customers and build a relationship there are so many good reasons to create Facebook Group.

Reason to Create Facebook Group

There are lots thing to put in place when you think why you need to create Facebook group. Just as well have in Whatsapp you can also have such group on Facebook. Creating Facebook group give the advantage in promoting their ideas which are as follows;

  • Mentoring opportunities.
  • Business networking.
  • Social sharing.
  • Upcoming events.
  • Visibility of all post to the

Creating a Facebook group give rise to this advantage to Facebook user, building up business community, growing of their brands getting to know the latest event happen, and also user can post and Make comments of what been posted. You can open a Facebook group if you have a Facebook account.

How to Create Facebook Group

In other to create Facebook group, you need to first decide on the topic or ideas talk on in the group created. It could be a comedy, business, artist, music entertainment geographical location or anything that you want to create in a group as long as you have decided on the topic you can create the group. These are the following step to create Facebook group.

  • Visit and Login to your Facebook account.
  • Click profile at the top and click info from your profile.
  • Scroll down click on the group and click create Facebook group at the top of the page.
  • Give your group a name and Invite friends from friend list.
  • Describe your group in the description area and Fill out the contact information.
  • Choose your privacy settings and click on save.
  • Scroll up to upload a picture and choose a network.
  • Choose a category and a subcategory.

After following the process a have created Facebook group. Ensure you upload and update your Facebook member. Note you must have a facebook account before you can open a Facebook Group also before opening a Facebook group you can use the search engine to search a page around with the same name as similar you yours.


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