Facebook Account Settings are options made available by Facebook to help its customer manage their account preferences. This option enables you to change your account name, email, phone number, activate Facebook mobile, change notification settings, and turn on security features. Facebook account settings also help the user to adjust their account privacy settings.

Facebook Account Settings & Privacy - Facebook Account Settings Menu

Once you have any of the above-listed issues, you can adjust them from your Facebook Account Settings option. Most time users may want to make changes to their account that’s why Facebook has made it posable that users can access Facebook Account Settings option and make changes without contacting Facebook.

Facebook Account Settings – How To Set Up Your Account

  • First, log on to www.facebook.com on your computer.
  • This will direct you to your news field if you are already logged on to Facebook. But, if you are not logged in, enter your email and password in text boxes provided and “click login”.
  • Click on the arrow icon, at the right of the question mark icon.
  • From the drop-down menu click on “settings” this will lead you to the page where you can review your general account preferences.

You access Other account settings by clicking on the options you want to change on the left side of the screen. However, you will have to save every change you make.

Facebook Account Settings You Need To Set Up

Facebook is a social media web platform every user need an account to be able to connect with other users. There is something you need to set up your account to make your account stand out. These are also part of Facebook Account Settings that we are talking about.

Protect Your Password

It’s best advice you change your Facebook Password once you have noticed any suspicious activities. Most time hacker may be trying to hack your account. By changing, your password from Facebook Account Settings will totally prevent them from getting to your account.

  • Click on the “Security And Login” icon from the menu in the left-hand column.
  • Click on “edit” icon at the front of “change password”.
  • From the drop-down form, enter your current password in the “current” text box and the new password in the “new” text box.
  • Re-enter the new password in the “re-type new” and click on “save” to save your changes.

Note: make sure you are using a strong password for your account. This is why it is advisable to choose a different password from the ones you use in other accounts from another website.

Control Who Sees Your Profile Information And Facebook Posts

  • Click on “privacy” from the left-hand column in the settings page.
  • This takes you to the “privacy and tools page”. Here you can control who sees your activity and how people can find you. Look for “who can see my future post?.

If it says friends, everything you post will be seen by your Facebook friends, but it says public, it means every post you make will be shared with the whole internet. You can select other options depending on whom you will like to share your posts with; by clicking the “friends” icon .click on “use activity log” link to review all your posts an posts and events you’re tagged in. you can limit the audience for your past posts by clicking “limit past posts” link.

Under “how people can find and contact you”. You can control who sends you friend requests. Who sees your friend requests and who can search for you through Facebook or other search engines. All these can be done by clicking on the “edit” links to the right of the option you want to adjust. Note: if people can see your friendship activity in another timeline, they can to see it in the news feed except you set  Who can see your friend option as only me. Though this only limits other people to see your mutual friends only.

Control Your Timeline And Tagging Activity

Click on “timeline and tagging” link at the column at the left-hand side of the account settings page. Doing so, will take you to the timeline and settings page. Here, you can control who posts on your timeline. Who sees what others posts on your timeline. Who sees posts you are tagged in your timeline. You can also turn on some features like reviewing posts you are tagged in before it appears on your timeline, and reviewing tags people add to your posts before it appears on Facebook.


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