Facebook ads enable businesses and organizations connect with the people who are more likely to be interested in their product and services offerings. Facebook ads,  help advertisers, define, who they want to reach depending on the following indices, interests, age, location and lots more. With Facebook ads, advertisers can choose a business goal, like selling a product, or increasing awareness of their brand name.

Facebook Ads - Facebook Ads Manager

Advertisers, can also identify their audience, and decide who can get the reach of their ad. Advertisers have access to create ads to show on Facebook, Instagram, and other websites and mobile apps via the advertising products. Advertiser’s audience is shown Facebook ads to match the advertiser’s target audience, depending on the information known.

How Facebook Ads Work

Every user needs to know what Facebook ads are all about. This helps the user to easily know how to fully utilize and handle the ads options and service the Facebook platform offers. Users need to consider the following;

  • Your business goal, and why you are running the ad.
  • Have a clear picture of who the audience is.
  • Decide on a daily or lifetime budget for your ad.
  • Pick photos and videos, to feature in your ad.

Users that have an idea or knows how the ads services which Facebook offers work can try to make use of it anytime they wish to. The followings things can also help users to have more insight when setting up an ad on the Facebook platform.

Decide on your Objective

Users need to decide on the right and objective, and answer the question about, “What’s the most important outcome I want from this ad?”. Decide on your sales, and brand awareness.

Carefully Choose your Audience

Use what you know about the audience you desire to reach,  such as; age, location, and many more indices, to choose. Demographics and behaviors,  that represent your audience can also be used.

Choose where to run your Ad

You can run your ad, either on Facebook, Instagram, or the apps and websites in Audience Network, or you can choose to run it across all of them. Your ads can also be run on certain mobile devices.

Have Your Budget Set

Determine your daily or lifetime budget, and the time frame for which you want the ad to run.

Decide on a Format

A single image, video or multiple images and videos can be used to show in your ad. Or alternatively create a slideshow ad or canvas ad.

The following are the formats available;

Photo: Use this beautiful images to convey your message.

Carousel: With this, you show multiple images or videos in a single ad.

Video: This conveys your story with sight, sound, and motion.

Slideshow: Use this, to create lightweight video ads, to link with people across connection speeds.

Canvas: Design a custom, fast- loading mobile advertising experience, to beautifully tell your story.

Measure and Manage Facebook Ads

After your ad starts running, your performance can be tracked and your campaign in Facebook Ads Manager, Power Editor, or Business Manager edited. You can use these tools, to see if one version of your ad is working better than the other. And you feel your ads are not efficiently delivered, adjustments can be made accordingly.

Facebook Ads, helps you meet your business goals, by linking you to the right audience who may be interested in your product/service offering. Just like will have Google ADS you can have your ADS up and running on Facebook.


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