If you have been accessing your facebook page via web browsers, here is good alternative that give you quick access to your profile. This is all about what the Facebook app is for.

It enables users to easily access their profile and get instant notification right on their mobile phone and tablets. This app was developed in other to give all Facebook mobile users a quality experience and easy access to their page.

User can also get all the fun and actions they get when using a web browser.

Facebook App

What is in the app.

Using Facebook application is Just like using every other social media application. It has all the icons you see when using a web browser. Such as the news feed icon, message icon, friend request icon, notification icon and setting icon. These icons are located at the top of the application.

You can get updateds on actives on your friend’s timeline or what’s trending on your friend’s page when you click on news feed icon. It gives you update of the list post or upload.

Friend request icon gives you notification of people who want to be your friend on Facebook. This request comes in form of notification called friend request.

How to download Facebook App.

Facebook app is a free application for all mobile phones that support application. It’s free to downloan on all mobile stores. Be it Android, IOS or blackberry OS. On most recent mobile operating system by default comes with the Facebook app built in. But if by any chance you don’t have the app on your mobile phone.

You can download it from your mobile store. By search for the app as Facebook app in the search box you see on any mobile store. Facebook app has a blue and white colour theme by default with litter F as it logo. You just have to be sure of what you are downloading.

In other to make full use of this application you need to download Facebook Messenger. This app automatically syncs together to give users a better user experience.

Facebook Messenger.

Facebook also has a live chat platform for users to send and receive instant message. No fee applied to this service its free for all users. Most users has been using their Facebook app default  message inbox to chat with their friends it’s also a good way to chat with friends but it’s a bit slow.

The only issue is that user has to get their app up and running in other to stay connected. But with Facebook messenger you get an instant notification on every message. When you get a message you get a notification instantly on your mobile phone with the profile picture of the person who sent the message.

The notification icon is in a circular form at the side of your screen. Users can click on the icon to be able to read the message sent by his or her friend.

This is also a unique application that can send and receive message and that has instant notification features. Facebook Messenger is also available on all mobile stores. No fee attach when downloading its free.


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