Technology has taking buying and selling to a new level in this 21st century with the evolution of online store like eBay, Amazon, etc. Facebook has joined the group of already existing e-commerce by creating some features in its website that allow users to make use of Facebook buy and sell option. This has made Facebook change from being a social media where people make friends to a means where people can sell their goods to customers.

Facebook Buy and Sell - Facebook Buying and Selling Groups | Facebook Marketplace

This is good for all upcoming e-commerce business and existing business as this is a very cheap means of selling their product adding to the fact that they can reach to a vast number of their customers online since most people of this century uses Facebook to interact. There are numbers of platforms made available for Facebook buy and sell; they include the facebook marketplace and facebook groups. These two features allow users to make use of Facebook buy and sell option on their product just like a market ground.

Facebook Buy and Sell Groups

Unlike the marketplace, facebook buy and sell groups feature has to be turned on by the admin of the group. There are a number of Facebook groups that allow people to buy and sell. These groups is different from the regular group as it allows its members to lists items for sale; mark items as sold search items to buy.  However, this feature is available in selected countries and selected groups. Here is how you can turn on the buy and sell feature on your facebook group.

  1. First, you must have the group admin rights to be able to turn on or off the buy and sell feature.
  2. To do this, go to your facebook group homepage; click the three dots at the top right corner of the page;
  3. Select “Edit Group” from the drop-down In the group settings page.
  4. Click the “Change” button next to “Group Type”. From the resulting dialog select “Buy and Sell” and click “Confirm”.

Save the changes you made once you are through. Turning off this feature follows the similar procedure it was turned on; all you have to do is to select a new group type and save your changes.

Facebook Marketplace

The marketplace is also another platform with Facebook buy and sell option.  Facebook introduced the marketplace in a bid to help people have a better connection to buy and sell their items. Facebook through this feature is giving its user a formal way of buying and selling items.

The marketplace is only available on the Facebook mobile app. The icon for marketplace replaced the messenger icon. This icon normally appears at the center of the bottom row on facebook app when the feature was released.

 How Facebook Helps People to Buy and Sell Confidently

One of the ways Facebook helps its users to buy and sell goods confidently is through their Commerce & ads IP Tool which allow participating intellectual property right owners to marketplace post, group sale posts and search ads.

Facebook also informs people of some laws in their countries that require them to provide some basic information like their name, street address, email, registration number or vat number, before they can start selling for business on Facebook.


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