This is one of the very best features on Facebook. This is a very unique section created for one to express what is on your mind towards a particular event, pictures or post. Many people who use Facebook cannot do without Facebook Comment on peoples post and that is what makes the platform more interesting.

Facebook Comment - Facebook Comment Settings

Other social media also have that platform for comments but Facebook Comment is very unique. Now will are going to address some of the most asked questions concerning Facebook comment. We will provide a detailed answer to it. If in case you have any question to ask, check below, you may find it there.

Why Facebook comment?

The main objective is to lay down a platform such that people who really can go into debating issues that are real. A lot of people believe in a Facebook comment because of how flexible and interesting it can be. You can therefore always say what is on your mind concerning a post and every other thing that involves comment.

If I want to Comment, do I need a Facebook Account for that?

If you want to add a comment, there is something important that must happen and that is logging in to Facebook. Before you can log in to Facebook, you must have an account with them. In case you do not have a Facebook account, you can go ahead and get one at Facebook is free and at the same time very simple.

Anytime I Comment, will my Friends see my Facebook Comment

If that is the way you want it, then it is ok. Anytime you decide to post a comment, if you like you, there is an option to check off “Post my comments to my Facebook profile.” Here if you uncheck the box, then if you go to your Facebook page, your comment will not appear on it.

  • On the comment page, why is that my Facebook name and profile picture always appear even when I’m yet to post a comment?

I want you to know whenever you signed in to Facebook, every of your information will appear. There is no way it will be visible to anybody until your comment is published.

Anytime I post a comment, will people be able to view my Facebook profile?

Anytime a person wants to see my name or picture, what they see when they click on your name or picture is determined by how you set up your Facebook privacy settings. If you want to adjust your Facebook privacy settings, you can go to

How can I report an Abusive or Inappropriate Comments?

It is the work of Facebook to track any abuse reports and Facebook automatically bans every user who is continually abusive.

What Judgement do you Give to Comments that are Inappropriate or Abusive?

We would like to put it straight before you that any comments that is obscene or derogatory, personal attacks, speech that contain hatred, personal attack, spam or links to sources that are questionable, defamatory remarks and comments discussing legal cases that are still before the courts. Such comments will be blocked.

What is a Top Commenter and how can I possibly become a Top commenter?

This is the work of Facebook, they on their own automatically choose the Top Commenter badge and that is to users. This users must be somebody whose comments are most often “liked” by others. The user must be popular amongst its fellow users.

How can I Delete my Own Facebook Comment?

A: all you need to do is, first of all, make sure you sign into Facebook. Then you can go/visit the post which you commented on. On phones, you right click and the delete option will come. Then you can delete. If it is on a desktop, you can hover over the comment which you made, then click the small pencil button that appears. You can choose to delete.


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