Early this year May facebook announced that they will be officially entering the world of online dating. In a bid to help change the status on many Facebook users who list them as single.  This was announced in the company’s F8 developer’s conference where Facebook CEO stated that the mobile app will be receiving a dating feature. Facebook dating feature will be made in a way that facebook user will choose if they want to opt in or not.

Facebook Dating - Dating & International Networking

Facebook has not really stated who will be specifically handling dating when the feature will be out. According to Facebook, The feature will be built by its profile team led by Will Cathcart. Cathcart manages all profiles on Facebook and not just dating. Facebook, however, has not indicated when this feature will be launched but it hopes to start testing the feature in the next few months. This will determine when the feature will be rolled out. When this feature gets rolled out.

Facebook will be a good competitor to some online dating apps like Tinder. Considering the fact that Facebook has about 2billion user every month worldwide. Quoting what Zuckerberg said, “this is going to be for building real, long-term relationships with the help of Facebook Dating. not just for hookups”. He also said that the privacy and safety of user is considered in the design of the app. Your profile will not be seen by your friends, and people who are not your friends will be suggested to you. Here are some things you might want to know about facebook dating.

Facebook Dating Feature will be Free

Facebook plans to make the Facebook Dating free for everybody to use. In fact, it plans to run the feature without any ads in its profile and will not target users with data associated with their dating profile or behavior on other facebook platforms.

You Don’t Need to use your Facebook Profile in the Dating Site

Users of this feature in the mobile app will be required to create a separate profile for dating before they can start dating. Though Facebook has no plans to make the feature a separate app. However, you can still access your dating profile through your current Facebook profile. The dating profile will be shown to your potential dates instead of the conventional facebook profile.

Matching will be Done by Facebook Base on Interest and other Data

The recommendation will be made to user base on his/her interest, location and other data. You can also locate possible matches by unlocking facebook events and groups. This will allow you to link up with other those that unlock the same group or event that are single.

Messaging will Work Independent of other Messaging App.

A separate messaging experience will be built for the feature in a way it will not use Messenger or Whatsapp except if both swap usernames and numbers. This messaging is limited to text-only (no photo, video or audio). Messages can be sent first by either persons but the recipient must reply before another message can be sent.


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