Facebook is the most subscribed social media platform in the world today. Since February 2004 that Facebook was launched by Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook team, it has broken lots of grounds and done so well in making the world truly a global village. The Facebook lite is one of the latest initiations from the Facebook team. Almost everyone is on Facebook. In fact as at June 2017 he monthly active users of Facebook was over 2 billion in the world.

Facebook Lite - Download Facebook Lite | Use Less Internet Data

As fantastic as the services of Facebook has been, it was discovered in 2015 that so much more prospective users longed to be able to access the Facebook platform, either on their computers or their mobile devices. They could not because they were in locations were network connection was at its nearest minimum. This birthed the idea of Facebook lite to the Facebook team.

Peculiarity of the Facebook Lite

The lite is a slimmer version of Facebook. It was rolled out to provide for users that do not have the required internet connection to be on the normal Facebook service. The fact that at least 1.6 billion people still live in places. Where mobile broadband networks such as 3G and 4G is not available. There was a need for Facebook to device a means so that such people can still access Facebook even with their 2G network connection. This has made data access difficult and this can be experienced even with users on the 3G networks. Where stability of connection proves to be a major barrier to deliver a great mobile experience.

The users in countries and locations without the 3G and 4G broadbands have embraced the great opportunity that Lite version brings. Just like the full Facebook platform, the Facebook like has also moved to become an app that users can download and access on their mobile devices. As at end of 2017, the Facebook lite app has hit 100 million monthly active users. Due to the fact that it has an APK that is less than 1 MB in size, people find it possible to download it in a matter of seconds on very slow connections.

Why Facebook Lite

It is very important for everyone to enjoy the world’s most popular social media-Facebook. No matter the connection they are on which brings about different experiences.

If you have issues connecting to the 3G or 4G network due to the constraints of your area. Facebook lite is a cheaper means for you to connect to your 2G network without having to spend much on data. The Facebook lite which has a total APK of less than 1 MB makes it easy for you to download. You can access most of the Facebook features on your device once it downloaded. You will use fewer data and will still enjoy Facebook.

Predominant Users of Facebook Lite

Any user that noticed that accessing the internet is very stressful and the speed is slow can decide to get a Facebook lite app. Majority of Facebook lite subscribers can be located in

  • Brazil.
  • India.
  • Indonesia.
  • Mexico.
  • Philippines.

Generally, the Philippines, Asia and Latin America counties has the most users of Facebook lite. It is gradually getting to Africa and Europe. For instance, many parts of Britain and US still struggle with poor data connections, especially in cities that are densely populated. The Facebook lite due to its low data usage and APKN of less than 1 MB makes users her enjoy almost the same as users with the full network range. No wonder the Facebook lite is really making waves in those areas. Well done Facebook team.

Features Accessible on Facebook Lite

Although using the lite versionlimits the features users can enjoy but it is cool to know that with the lite version. Users can still have access to the basic features of Facebook. Just like the full range Facebook that has a mobile app called the Facebook mobile. Facebook lite has also be upgraded to include a mobile app called the Facebook lite app. Below are some of the features available on the Facebook lite.

  1. Newsfeed.
  2. Status updates.
  3. Upload of photos.
  4. Comments on photos.
  5. Notification on your mobile device if you are using the Facebook lite app.
  6. Like a post.
  7. Send friends request.
  8. Accept friend request and some other basic features.

For all those that are faced with the problem of slow connection due to the area you are or if your broadband is not as powerful as the 3G and 4G, you do not need to worry. Download the Facebook lite app from google play store so as to enjoy a smooth connection with little data cost and size.


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