Facebook market place is a market over the internet. It is a place where you can buy or sell things either new or old in your locality. Facebook launched this feature in a bid to beat Craigslist as the leading peer-to-peer selling network. Considering the fact that, Facebook market place is used in 70 countries by over 700 million people around the worlds every monthly; Facebook market place has turn to a place to grow any businesses.

Facebook Market Place - Buy and Sell Marketplace | Online Market Place

It creates an avenue for business owners to engage conversation with those interested in buying your product and connect with people who want to buy your product within your area. Facebook market place also allows you to categorize your items so that people can narrow down the result of their search. At the end of the day, Facebook takes nothing back from you for using its feature. When you post an item for sale on Facebook market place, people in your locality will see them through their messenger market place section.

The selling tab on the Facebook market place has a section where you can see the conversation of potential buyers. However, no notification will be shown in your newsfeed as regards to posting items for sale. Facebook market place is available in the web version of Facebook and it also works very well on a mobile app with its button well placed at the center of the app homepage. All you just have to do is to tap the button and the app will start displaying available products around your location base on your GPS.

How to Use Facebook Market Place

Open the Facebook app on your phone; login with your details if necessary. You will notice an icon at the bottom centre of your screen. If you are seeing this for the first time, you will be shown a message on the new Facebook market place icon on the page.

  1. Tap on the icon to continue to Facebook market place. You will then receive more information from Facebook before you finally proceed. The Facebook marketplace has some steps developed by Facebook before any user can list any item for sale. They are listed below
  2. The first thing you will be asked to do in the marketplace page is to add the photo of the item you are selling. This is totally free in Facebook, unlike other online stores.
  3. A clear photo with information that can describe what you are selling will be ideal tap “next” when you are through.
  4. The next thing to do is to add the name of the product you are selling; you can do this by typing the name of your item in the text box below “What you are selling?” the next thing to do is to describe the product this includes the items color shape, condition and more.

Once you have described the item, you will be asked to place a price on the item. The pricing is usually displayed in your local currency.

More on Facebook Market Place

However, you are allowed to change this anytime. In the next page, you will be asked to add the location you want the product to be advertised. Select the category the item falls in among the pre-made list by Facebook; this completes the process of listing your item for sale.

Upon completion, Facebook will automatically set your product active so that people can see it. Facebook will also take you to where you can manage your items. User can communicate with buyers and edit details on your item.


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