Facebook as a social media is dynamic. Changes have been made in the way people connect and interact with each other. With the number of people using Facebook growing every day, Facebook is not dropping back in bringing out a new trend that will change the market trend in the world. As Facebook keeps evolving, its trends keep influencing marketers. Marketers who want to keep up with the space of the evolving technology needs to know changes in Facebook marketing that could boost their brand market value.

Facebook Marketing - Facebook Online Marketing

So it’s important to know some all these trends and its importance to your business for effective Facebook marketing strategy. Recent statistics show that digital marketing is gaining more ground than ever before. As a user who wants to make use of the internet to promote your service or product. Facebook marketing is one of the best approaches. Here are some marketing trends in 2018 you may want to know if you want to keep up with the evolving Facebook trend.

Facebook Marketing – Live video

Facebook live video has now become more interesting since it was launched by Facebook in 2016. The average reach for live video is greater compared to the way customers engage live posts. However, the live post reach has also increased too. As users now make use of live video as one of their greatest Facebook marketing tools.

Facebook is using this platform to create more competition for youtube live, snap chat, and other live video platforms we have around the internet. Statistics has sown that users on Facebook engage more on live video than they do when reading. Facebook marketing via the live video can be of good help to your business, here is how you can use it to your advantage.

Creating Facebook  Event

You can use Facebook event to create awareness of your upcoming live feed. In the same vein, you can also make your live video schedule known to audiences out there by putting out a post across several social media so they can know when to expect the live feed.

Review Your Previous Broadcast

You can publish a review of your previous live broadcast if you want to be having a regular broadcast. Links to the videos will be helpful to give those who missed out on any broadcast a clue on what transpired.

Social shares

It will be nice to schedule social shares with a reliable hashtag. This is so that your customers can follow your live feed easily. Your Facebook page URL could also be included. others users can also share your content on their wall. Social share is one of the best Facebook marketing strategies that every user need to make use of.

Video uploaded will still be large

A video is an important tool any marketer can use as Facebook marketing tools for their business. In 2017, the video seems to have taken over the content world, and as a different form of videos emerged in 2017. Video remains an undisputed part of Facebook marketing.

Several stats in the internet have confirmed this. Even Mark Zuckerberg confirmed it affirmatively by saying that an average of 100 million videos is watched by Facebook user. A large number of Facebook videos consumed per day is said to have gotten more organic reach than Facebook photos.

These are just some reason why many marketers should start using video as a marketing tool even though many brands are already using it. Sharing your thoughts using media content such as video makes it stand out as it creates a clear view of what information you are trying to make.

Facebook Spaces

This platform was created to allow people to Interact with their friends as avatar in virtual reality. The spaces allow user to meet in a place even if they are not in the same physical place. User can still share information with each other even in the virtual world. Due to this platform ability to recognize any object branding possibilities is now numerous.

A user can point virtually to anything (clothes, computer, pen, etc.) and pop up all sort of information. There are other innovative visual contents that could be of use for marketing in 2018. GIF, which can be used to pass on several information as it can be used to surprise your audience with contents that may interest them.

Also, 360 photo/videos provide a platform where a user can view a photograph from all vintage point instead of the normal behind-the-scenes. Although this platform is considered for further development in the future, where item can be bought on 360-degree media.

Technology has brought many things into realities. With Facebook creating so many innovations and integrating them to their platform, it will be wise for any Facebook marketer to jump at opportunities to stand out among other marketers. So you can try out any of these new Facebook marketing trends in your marketing strategy. It could be what will increase your brand market value.


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