The Facebook social platform is being rated as one of the most visited social media among other. This is a web platform with over a billion users so as the activities on the platform. Facebook notification come up when people on your close friend lists, post or share a content on the platform. Facebook notifications are updates about activities on Facebook.

Facebook Notification - Notification Basics & Settings | Facebook Help Center

This is a platform, that has so many activities happening at the same time. Thus to keep you abreast of these activities, Facebook sends you notifications to alert you on what people on your close friend’s list are up to. Facebook notification comes in different forms, depending on the type of platform you are using. Here let’s take look at the different types of notifications offered by Facebook

­­Facebook Notification – Desktop and Mobile

Red Alert Notification: These are notifications that appear above with different symbols representing what you are being notified of. Once you have a new notification, a red bubble pops up, with the number of new notifications you’ve received.

This Facebook notification comes in form of a human ahead icon, bell icon, and globe icon, representing friends request, birthdays etc. All you need do is tap on this icon, anytime, to see your notifications. Email Notification This notification is received thru email

Push Notification: These are notifications that pop up when you are actively using Facebook, and helps you re-engage with your friends

Desktop Only

Pop-Up Notifications: This notification, pops up on your screen, when you are logged in to Facebook, and a friend interacts with you. Tap on the notification, to view the story or click “X” to have the notification closed.

Mobile Only

Text Notifications: This is a notification; you receive thru mobile text messaging. This Facebook notification is best for users who don’t have an internet enabled device. As they we get notification via their default text message platform.

How to Turn Facebook Notification On and Off

Facebook notifications can pose a distraction sometimes and quite time consuming, if they are much. In this article, we offer you a guide on how to turn your Facebook notifications on and off.

Before we get started on the turning your Facebook notification on and off, note, that Facebook notifications can’t be completely turned off, but certain parts of it, can be changed. To get started,

  • Tap the “V” shaped icon, at the top-right, and select Settings.
  • Click on “Notifications” in the left column.
  • Tap “Close Friend Activity”, and thereafter click On Facebook.
  • Click close to “Close Friends Activity”, and thereafter, choose “On or Off”

Stay notified with Facebook notification, to share and connect with your friends, family and people that matter to you, and stay abreast of what’s happening in their lives. Facebook notification, helps you stay updated on what’s happening amongst your circle of friends.


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