Facebook profile picture is a means of identification and making things easier for friends who search for you via Facebook. Profile picture is so important in this world of social media. It is so important to have a good Facebook profile picture to make a first impression that is positive.

Facebook Profile Picture - Profile Pictures for Facebook

I want you to know that in Facebook, a lot of things can help you make a winning profile picture in Facebook. How you put on a smile, what you’re wearing as clothes and the kind of background you use. All this adds up to what is going to make you look your best.

We will give answers to some frequently asked questions below. These questions have been bothering people, so they decided to ask. On our own, we want to bring some of the questions to your doorstep.

How can I Include or Change my profile Picture on Facebook?

If you want to include or change any profile picture, these are the steps you will take to achieve that

  1. The first step is to visit your profile and hover over your profile picture.
  2. Here all you need to is just click update profile picture.
  3. Upload any photo of your choice from your Add frame to it if you like. Select any photo that you have already uploaded or one that you are tagged in.
  4. You can go ahead and crop your photo, then click save. In case you do not want to crop your photo, you can go ahead and skip cropping in the bottom left, then click on save.

If you want it to give you the best quality then you must set it at least 320 pixels wide and 320 pixels tall. You should also know that your current picture is always public.

How can I Delete my facebook profile picture

Now if you want to delete a Facebook profile picture, all you need to do is, first of all, visit the album in your facebook profile picture. The pictures will display, go ahead and click on the particular picture you want to delete. You can now click options which is below the picture. You will see the photo from the drop-down menu, select delete this photo. Finally, you can now click Delete.

How do I get to See my Old Facebook Profile Picture or Cover Photos?

There are steps to take if you want to see an album of your past profile or cover photos, those steps are:

  • You can visit your profile and click photos.
  • Click on albums.
  • Finally, you can click cover photos or profile photos.

You should also note that your current photos are public. If you like you can edit the privacy of your past profile or cover photos which uses the audience selector.

How can I include or change your cover photo?

That photo that is large which is at the top of your profile, above your profile picture. You should know that cover photos are public so also your profile picture. That means whoever visits your profile will have access to see them. These are the steps to take when you want to include or change your cover photo:

  • Visit your profile.
  • The next step is to hover over update Cover Photo which is at the top left of your current cover photo.
  • Here simply click update Cover Photo. In case you do not have a cover photo at the moment. Click on add cover photo.
  • Now it is your choice to choose if you really want to upload a new photo or if you want to pick a photo from your already existing photo albums.
  • You can reposition a photo by clicking on the image and drag it up and down.
  • The next step is to click on Save Know that your cover image has to be 720 pixels wide and above.

Facebook profile picture is really good and should be taken seriously if you want to create a good impression of yourself. As that’s the public image of you everyone sees even when they make a quick search and your profile shows up on the search result.


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