Facebook dwells more on the importance of users connecting with friends both old and new. Without connecting with friends, one might be tempted to wonder what exactly you are doing on the Facebook platform. “Facebook Search” is one of the easiest features to be located on Facebook. Users can easily make use of Facebook search by name to find a particular user on Facebook.

Facebook Search By Name - Facebook Search Tool

It is usually at the top of every Facebook page where users can search for whoever they care to search for at any given time. The Facebook search by name is one of the several ways users can search for their friends on Facebook. Of all the several methods by which a user can search for their old or new friends of Facebook, Facebook search by name happens to be the easiest and most straightforward method.

How the Facebook Search By Name Works

Here, Facebook users just need to go to the search section on Facebook and type in the name of the friend they are trying to search for. It is basic without any issues provided the user remember one or both of the friend’s full name. If he or she does not remember this friend’s full names, then there might be an issue searching for such Friend.

Advantages of Facebook Search By Name

There are a number of advances that are associated with searching for a friend on Facebook using their name alone. Some of these reasons are listed below:

  • It is straightforward.
  • There are no complications.
  • Most people do not change their names so their names are constant which makes it easy for them to be Search out on Facebook no matter how many years had passed by.
  • Most people are easily recognized by their names.
  • If the full name does not work, the friend’s username can as well bring the desired result.

Disadvantages of Facebook Search By Name

As much as searching for a Facebook friend By Name is easy and straightforward. There are some indices that can make it difficult at times. Some of these disadvantages are highlighted below:

  • Multiple Facebook users might have the same full name.
  • In the case of more than one person having the same username, you might need to use their profile pictures to determine the exact one you intend to search out.
  • It is not an advanced search.
  • Some users can create a fake Facebook account with other user’s full name.

By and large, Facebook Search By Name still remains the simplest way and easiest way to search for friends on Facebook. Though there are some negatives in using this method, clearly, the positives totally outnumber the negatives.


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