Facebook Shop, enables user’s show and sell products right out of their Facebook page. With the Facebook shop, a user can connect easier and faster with customers. It is a shop section added to your business’s Facebook page, which enables you to get the products you are selling listed while you connect with more customers on Facebook.

Facebook Shop - Sell Products On Facebook | Create a Facebook Shop Page

Facebook shop simplifies the way you sell on Facebook, thanks to its always visible shop section on your Facebook page, which enables customers easily browse your products and collections, which in turn instantly connects you with your customers.

Facebook as the most popular social media platform, has garnered more than half a billion users who access its platform. This implies that when you operate a Facebook shop, your shop stands a chance of being seen by millions of user’s all over the globe. Facebook, owing to its popularity has been termed the “king” of social media, which is why marketers continually scout for relevance to make their presence on this popular network felt.

Facebook shop since its inception in 2009 has continued to increase sales with free promotion tools, mobile support etc. This, in turn, has resulted in high sales volume for young entrepreneurs on the platform. Facebook shop, is designed with mobile user’s in mind, which means a user can sell right from his/her mobile device.

Unique Features of Facebook Shop

Facebook shop, is designed with an easy setup, which enables users to add products to Facebook with just a click. This enables, products details, images, and inventory automatically sync, immediately an update is made. With Facebook Shop, your customers have a personalized shopping experience, as they can buy your products directly just with a chat, with their orders tracked in real time, which enables you to connect instantly with your customers.

  • It enables you to add products and product information, without a product catalogue. There’s no limit to the number of products you can add
  • Sort your products into different collections, to make it easier for customers browsing your shop.
  • Get to communicate with customers directly right out of your page.
  • With a shop section, your products stand a chance of appearing on the Marketplace, enabling more people to discover them.
  • Customers can browse and buy your products without leaving the page, once your products are added. Orders can also be marked as shipped, cancel and refund orders right out of your page.

Facebook shop, thru the Facebook social media, empowers entrepreneurs all over the globe. The Facebook shop is ideal for merchants, retail and eCommerce advertisers alike who are looking to grow their brands and take it to the next level. Facebook shop is free to earn, and doesn’t take any percentage of your earnings. Get started on the Facebook shop today, and take your brand to the next level.

How To Add a Facebook Shop Tab to Your Business Page

In other to create a Facebook Shop Page you have to log in to your account. If you don’t have one you can sign up by making use of the signup section. By once you are login to your account follow the below process.

  1. Go to your Facebook Business page and click on settings.
  2. Click on edit page and click on add a tab icon to add the Facebook shop tab.
  3. Select the shop option from the list of displayed tab by clicking on the add tab icon.
  4. Once the shop tab has been added click on the shop tab and set up your payments.

Once you have set up your payment option then you have to add product to your shop. As this is the main reason of adding the shop section on your page. You can use the discretion section to tell users what your company sells.


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