Using Facebook sign up is the first step you take to create a Facebook account. People all over the world use Facebook to make new friends, connect with their old friends, family member, and even advertise a product. Most the people you know around the world have a Facebook account. If you want to join this platform you need to complete the facebook sign up for a new account.

Facebook Sign Up - Sign Up for Facebook New Account

To connect with them, you will need to sign up to Facebook for a new account. Facebook Sign up cost nothing, all you need to create an account is a working email address or mobile phone number. You must be 13 years and above then you are good to go with facebook sign up process.

Facebook Sign Up – How to Create Facebook Account

Before you create an account or complete the Facebook sign up process. You must ensure that you are at least 13 years to be qualified to own a legal account. Otherwise, you will be violating the Facebook terms if you falsify your age. Facebook could delete your account if they found out you falsified your age. To use Facebook sign up to create an account;

  1. Open your favorite browser chrome, firefox or internet explorer.
  2. Type on the address bar of your web browser and hit enter. This will show you the Facebook home page.
  3. Click on the section labeled “Create your account”.
  4. Type your first name, last name, your email address (or phone number if you did not have an email address).
  5. Type in your preferred password combination.
  6. Also, enter your date of birth, and select the gender you are.
  7. Click the Facebook sign up button to submit the form.

Once you click on the Facebook sign up icon a confirmation email should be sent to the email address you used to access Facebook sign up section. Click on the confirmation email and click the confirmation link provided in the email. Or a code will be sent to the phone number you used to sign up if you entered your mobile phone number in the “email or mobile number field”.

Retrieve the code and enter it in the field shown after you click the Facebook sign up icon. If you didn’t receive an SMS, try resending the code again or click on “Didn’t get the SMS? > call me” or try sending “Fb” to 32665. Once you’ve verified your email and mobile phone number. Facebook will direct you to your new Facebook account profile.

How to Complete Your Facebook Profile

The first page you will see after you create account page is a welcome page where you can search for your friends through your email. Enter the email in the email address you used in creating your account and the password for that email in the field provided in the welcome page and click “find friends.” This will prompt Facebook to search through contacts connected to Facebook in your email and automatically send friend request in your behalf.

You may be asked to import contacts from your mobile phone number; however, you may skip this part and continue. Once you’ve searched for friends, the next is to build your profile. Fill form that appears after you’ve searched for your friends. You can skip this part by clicking “save and continue”. This will take you to where you will upload a picture of yourself. The picture will help your friends to recognize you on Facebook. Click “save and continue” once you are through. You now have a Facebook account.


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