We know that Facebook was primarily launched to help users and friends alike to keep in touch with each other. But let’s be honest with ourselves to admit that there are some Facebook users you want to be friends with but you can not admit to this fact. This is maybe because of the ‘beef’ that exist between you guys or something else. This sounds like the real origin of Facebook stalking.

Facebook Stalking - How to Stalk People on Facebook

You want to be friends with these persons not because you really want their friendships but basically because you want to sneak on them to always know what they are doing all the time. Maybe you have a crush on them. Yes! Let’s hit the nail on the head. You can call this creeping or sneaking.

You could also want to say you are trying to run a detailed follow up on them, but the truth is that you are seriously all about Facebook stalking these people. The fact that you can only know few things about a user that is not yet your Facebook friend and also the fact that the person has to accept the friend’s request you must have sent, some users just hold their peace and will rather resolve into Facebook stalking.

Reasons for Facebook Stalking

As has been discussed above, there are some nitty gritty as to why Facebook users resolve into Stalking rather than going straight to become friends with someone on Facebook. Asides the aforementioned reasons, here are some other reasons why Facebook Stalking is popular these days. Some may sound funny but they are very real and true.

  • Crime motives.
  • Is my office crush single?
  • Is my boss as disciplined as he appears to be.
  • Does my female boss have a kid
  • Is my ex’s new boyfriend as hot as
  • Who is on Facebook and who is not on Facebook?
  • What kind of friends do my children have on Facebook?

These questions and more are some of the reasons why Facebook stalking is the order of the day right now.

Risk of Facebook Stalking – The “Hello” feature

The “Hello” feature, a new Facebook feature that has been gently introduced to the other exciting features on Facebook. As exciting as the hello feature is it is a bad news and very risky tool for Facebook stalkers. It is similar to the “Poke” feature but this time it is placed directly on people’s profile. This is a big problem for Facebook stalkers. How do I mean?

The “Hello” feature which looks like a hand when clicked just tells the user on the other side that you waved at him or her. The risky thing here is that it is present slightly beside the profile picture of all users, whether they are friends with you or not. It is very easy to accidentally tap the “Hello” icon without knowing. So imagine if a stalker slides into the profile of his victim who is not his or her friends. There is a chance he might accidentally click on the icon. If this happens, a notification will instantly be sent to the user that the stalker waved at him or her and that will be a big let-off for such stalker.

How Facebook Stalking Can Be Done

A stalker can stalk any user from wherever they are in the world. With some vast search engines and Stalking tool, these stalkers can achieve their aim in the twinkle of an eye. There are many dimensions a Facebook user can be stalked. Listed are but a few of these.

  • Finding you without your Facebook username. These can be done using one or combination of these search filters: “People who worked at A”, “People who went to A school” and so on.
  • Seeing where you have been. Example: “Places X has been in the last X weeks/months”, “Events X attended recently” and so on.
  • What are your
  • Which photos have you liked or commented on?
  • Getting notifications for every move you make. These will be possible for the stalker if he or she successfully adds you to his or her “close friends” network on Facebook. Since you will not be told when someone adds you to their close friends, everything you do on Facebook will be brought to the stalker’s attention without your knowledge.
  • Gaining access to your private pictures.

Every Facebook user past and present had at one point in time stalked someone else. We all are into the Facebook Stalking but some stalkers have taken this to a whole new level. Be alert!


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