Using a Facebook status enables users to say something unique. By posting a unique status, with their Facebook selfie, or make use of any of them, just to make funny Facebook status updates This is to enable their friends and followers know what’s on their mind. Users can make their Facebook page interesting every day, by saying something cool on their Facebook status. With this status, they enjoy the Facebook social media platform, with their friends, living near or far.

Facebook Status - Status for Facebook

Users can write compelling contents and materials, to maintain the recognition level on the Facebook social media platform. Users, usually write interesting and fascinating status to arrest the attention of others. Facebook status is a very attractive and fascinating activity on the social media platform.

Every day, hundreds of millions of people, use the Facebook social media platform, to keep up with their friends. It is estimated, that almost 300,000 status updates are posted to Facebook every minute. Equally important Facebook provides a great platform for users to check in anytime. To see what important things, people are doing and the thoughts, that people are thinking.

How to write a Facebook Status

Writing interesting and compelling Facebook status is key to arresting the attention of other Facebook users. Writing good status, helps a user create an active social media account connected to any activity or field. The two best ways of writing good status are to write interesting and controversial status. This will evoke emotions from your friends on Facebook. In light of this how to achieve this below.

Firstly on the users Facebook page, they will notice a little box, that dangles, with the question, “What’s on your mind”. What the user answers, to that question will appear in the news feed of every active Facebook friend of theirs. Then this is their chance to say something interesting. It is very pertinent that the user writes interesting updates because they have great potentials to make online attention and recognition.

Not to mention writing a compelling Facebook status has a way of catching the attention of other Facebook users. Ultimately helping the user promote their business activities, services, and products Get controversial online. As a matter of fact, this is when users use extraordinary status updates, that have extraordinary potential, to get the attention of people who love to talk.

Generally speaking after updating the controversial status. People will start sending in their comments and likes in response. This is because by doing this, Facebook gets the chance to speak. With Facebook status, users get to keep your friends updated on your state of mind and the things happening around you.


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