How cool does it feel to know that you are currently in the thoughts of a friend as he or she puts up a post on Facebook? The Facebook tag is a great feature that makes this possible. It makes friends know that you are thinking about them or that you are talking about them when there is a need to post an update on Facebook.

Facebook Tag - Facebook Tag Settings

The Facebook tag icon is always present within a photo post or comment post. It is not compulsory that you tag someone on a photo but whenever you wish to do this, it is always present.

Difference Between Facebook Tag and Facebook Mention.

Another amazing feature on Facebook is “Mention”. The Facebook mention is very similar to the Facebook tag but there is a slight difference. The Facebook mention is when you write a post or comment and include the person’s name that you want to mention within that text.  Such name appears in blue link different from the other text. Such user with that name receives a Facebook notification that you mentioned them in your post.

The Facebook tag, on the other hand, is when you write a post or comment and say you were with someone. It could also be when you share an image and make it known to Facebook that one of the images is another Facebook user. The common way this appears is (Your name) was with (The person’s name). Unlike the Facebook mention here the user gets a notification that they have been tagged. Such photos are instantly saved on their “Photos of Me” album. This is not the case for Facebook mentions.

How to do a Facebook Tag

There are basically 2 methods you can tag a friend. First is to click on the “Tag people” in your post button. This will help you select a user you want to tag. The second is peculiar with when you want to post a photo only. Just mouse-over the photo, the tag icon will pop up. Click it and you will be able to tag a friend or friends. Usually here is the basic and simple steps to tag a friend.

  1. Start a new post by clicking the status update prompt at the top of your newsfeed or timeline.
  2. Click tag friends.
  3. Click “Who are you with”.
  4. Start typing the person’s name.
  5. Click the name of the person you intend tagging. Options will pop up immediately you type the first 2 to 3 alphabets of the person’s name.
  6. Write a comment and click post on the lower right corner.

Facebook Tags on Multiple Photos in an Album

You can as well tag people on multiple photos in an album. As against having to get the pictures one after the other to tag such person(s), here is a faster and easier way to go about this.

  1. Locate the album.
  2. Click “Tag” at the top right corner of the album.
  3. Enter the name of the person you want to tag.
  4. Click each photo you want to tag with that name.
  5. Click “Save Tags” when you are done.
  6. Reappear this procedure for each person you would like to tag.

Benefits of Facebook Tag

Here are some of the numerous satisfaction or benefits that are associated to using the Facebook tag.

  • Your friends know you are thinking about them.
  • It helps bring back sweet memories of the past.
  • If an important Facebook user is tagged it may lead to social virility.
  • When a page tags a product it improves publicity to that product.
  • This preserves the sense of togetherness and unity on the social platform.

Who and What you can Tag

If a user is not your friend on Facebook then you can not tag such a friend. You and the said user should have at least one mutual friend. If someone is not yet your friend but you want to get his or her attention to be on your post, then you can only mention the person but not tag. To do this you will need to use the @ symbol right before typing the person’s name.

The person will get an instant notification that you mentioned them. That way you two can become Facebook friends and he or she will really appreciate your concern. Also, it is important to note that you can not tag a page be it a social page or business page. Also, Facebook pages cannot tag a Facebook user. Pages, however, can tag products but this is only available for Facebook businesses with products of their own.


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