Facebook is all about connecting the world together since almost a greater percentage of the world’s population is on Facebook. If you are joining this platform for the first time it is very easy to find friends on Facebook. This social website can now be used to find new people, finding old friends and that keeps the world in touch. It is quite easy to find friends on Facebook once you know how to use the search bar.

Find friends on Facebook - How to Find Friends on Facebook

Getting to find friends on Facebook is not a very hard task. It is as easy as just logging into your Facebook account. Everyone wants to meet new people or probably their friends who are this platform. Everyone wants to find their long lost friend. Unlike some other social media platforms, Facebook gives you the opportunity to meet with new people, with just a simple search of the name of the person and you are a click away from meeting with the person.

How to Find Friends on Facebook

One major thing that makes social media platform more interactive is the ability to find friends. Once you can connect with your friends or start making a new friend there will be lots of activities on your account. If the user is already your friend on Facebook this is a quicker way to find friends on Facebook who is already your friend. As you can make a quick search of your friend list to get a quick result of the users you are looking for.

  1. Log into Facebook homepage at www.facebook.com or via the Facebook App.
  2. On a mobile platform click on friends at the menu bar.
  3. Click on search at the top left section.
  4. Enter the name you feel could be the person’s name that you are looking for, his phone number or email.
  5. Click on the search button to complete the search.

The next page that opens is the page that contains the names of people bearing similar names. Scroll through the list of names that you see and look out for the users you looking for. If the user you are looking for is not there, scroll down and click on the see more links below. Continue with it until you identify the person you are looking for.  Adding friends on Facebook has never been so sweet. And with almost everyone on Facebook, it’s now like a platform to search for whoever it is you are looking for.


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