The 20th century is gone and you can ditch your movie rental online and video collaboration bye!! with the Fmovie online stream widget, you can get access to free movies to watch online without downloading. Now there are other websites like “Fmovies to download and app where you can mistake for Fmovie.i0 because they bear the same Fmovies but Fmovies.i0 has same seducing and overwhelming features we are about to discuss below. - stream and download movies online

Why should I stream my favorite movie online with Fmovies

We are about to discuss the significant reasons why you will have great user experience with Fmovies that other streaming websites on the internet.

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The categories located at the header part of the website helps you to locate and easily find your movie of interest.

There are 7 categories that create user experience joy in you while streaming. Categories like Genre, Country, Movie, Terriers, Cinema movies, Release, must watch. This makes someone who has no idea on which movie to watch to click “most watched” category.

Other reasons why you should stream your movies here

A search box is placed close to the categories located at the Top right-hand side of the website enables user to type a particular “keyword” it can be a movie name you don’t remember its details or you wanna save yourself the time of scrolling around the website, then you can kindly make use of this box and click on search.

Then sliders that can help you hasten your search, by displaying the latest movies.

Here are at the suggestion tab that includes 3 categories, the cinema movies, latest movies and latest tv-series you can choose from. That is not all, there is all small logo description on every movie at the top right side of the picture. To help you choose wisely between CAM- (which is the cinema dub movie) and HD (The Higher Definition) studio movie. This will save your time finding the HD movies fast and neglecting the CAM movies.

Once you place your mouse on the selected choice of movie, a small window preview about the movie’s short description, the country, genres and the star actors in the movie will pop-up. The awesome part when you show your interest is in the same pop-up window; the “watch now” button is below. So you can just click with your mouse and watch. This also applies to people that uses their cell phone to stream.

Unlike other streaming online website, they are no annoying advert that will disturb your streaming online. One of the most awesome function is, you can download both your movies and the subtitles to your laptop to see it offline.

How do I stream download my crush movies on

This is just easy to stream because there is no techy of complicating process when you want to stream the movie. I bet you, a crèche kid can do this perfectly well under supervision. Check the following steps below.

  • Click on your favourite movie either from the homepage, the slides or from the category header at the top of website.
  • Exercise patience while the page loads up properly without you interfacing or you may encounter; problem while streaming.
  • Click either the big play button at the middle of the video or you scroll down a little bit and click on the smaller play button at the of the resolution screen. Yippe!! Enjoy your movie till the end while chewing your popcorn
  • If you are willing to download, scroll up to the right-hand side of the resolution screen displayed. You will see “a download crimes symbol”, it is meant for download, check and relax while your movie moves into your local storage memory.
  • If you want an alternative to that download, scroll down the resolution screen. Just a tab after the resolution screen at the right-hand side. You will see “download in HD”, it is definitely for you!! Take Note: It will be a heavy file.

 Problems and Solutions to Streaming | Downloading Issues

  1. Breaking transmission while downloading or streaming: This may be due to
    1. Network issues from your Internet service provider.
    2. Also, the inability of the webpage ( fmovies ) to load properly, before selecting your movie.

    Kindly please, refresh the webpage and reboot your internet service provider router for better user experience.


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