Facebook gameroom is a platform set outside for gamers to play games on Facebook social media platform. Users have been complaining that they dont have access to Facebook gameroom settings. It depends on what Gameroom settings you want to access as some of the settings can be found when you start up a game.

Gameroom Settings - Access Facebook Gameroom Settings

You must have noticed that Facebook Gameroom has a special icon on your desktop. Once you click on that icon you will be able to access all the game content on the platform. Most users believe that just like other app or web platform where you see a specific icon for for settings at the top. That Facebook gameroom settings should also be located at the top section.

Once you launch the app the only icon you can see on the first interface is your profile icon and notification icon. On your profile icon you can switch to gameroom beta user as it please. For users who dont no more about this platform you can click the show tour icon. The log out icon is also on this section. If you want to log out just click on the log out icon and you are off.

How To Access Gameroom Settings

As said above there are only two settings option on the default page when you launch the app. The notification settings only notify you on actives these are game notifications. But in other to access other gameroom settings like public profile, friend list, App visibility, and many more just follow the below steps.

  1. Launch the Facebook Gameroom platform by clicking on the icon on your desktop.
  2. Once you have launch the app in other to access Facebook Gameroom Settings click on any game.
  3. Click on the game icon at the top right section to access Facebook Gameroom Settings.

By clicking on the game icon you will automatically get access to all the gameroom settings right on this page. There are just so much you can do it now depends on what settings you want to access. Adjust your settings and get the all-time gaming experience as you can set what friends can see about your gaming experience.

Make Changes to Gameroom Settings

Once you are able to access the gameroom settings you will be able to make all the change that are available as facebook team is still working on how to serve users better. Once you have click on a game you can click on the game icon at the top left. Each of the available settings can be edited as every game on Facebook gameroom has its own settings.


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