Getting likes on Facebook, can be achieved when a content is been posted on Facebook. This can include comments, statuses, or photos. To get Facebook likes, you must have an account as well as post regularly on Facebook. Likes and content can only be done by registered Facebook users.

Get Facebook Likes - How to Get More Likes on Facebook

The platform enables its users, get likes on the content they post on the platform. Getting likes on content posted to Facebook, is a user’s delight, any day or time. Thus it might be frustrating if your efforts are not paying off for the contents you post. Thus in this article, we will be taking you thru a few tried out steps of how to post content to your Facebook page, to attract more likes.

I have seen so many tricky contents on the internet with the keyword Get Facebook Like. Some of which try to trick users to collect their email address. Be careful on what platform you enter your email as there is no software or web app that Get Facebook Like for your content you posted.

Post content on Facebook often: posting often to Facebook means posting a minimum of one post a day. This is done by posting unique and engaging contents that evoke emotions from your friends. Try posting during times at which you know that your Facebook friends are active. Note: Posting often to Facebook does not mean you should overcrowd your Facebook page. Posting a maximum of 2 or 3, or better still 1 content per day is ideal.

How to Get Facebook Likes On Your Facebook Post

  • Add friends: The more friends you have on Facebook, the more your content gets seen and liked on Facebook.
  • Get people tagged in your posts: getting people tagged in your post notifies them of the post itself. Thereby increasing the chances of your friends liking it. This contents also appears on the Timelines of your friends if the choose to allow it, enabling more people view your content and ultimately like it. Note; Caution should be exercised when tagging friends on posts in order not to overdo it which will now lead to your friends being harassed.
  • Get your photos and videos uploaded: Many people on Facebook page respond best to visual media. Media like photos and videos like, a photo of yourself, an animal as well as exciting places you have visited. Try uploading one photo at a time, as this enables people to view and like the photo, without scrolling through an entire album.
  • Like other peoples post: Liking other peoples post, makes your friends feel obligated to liking yours in return. This like a “give and take situation” because this makes your friends feel appreciated.
  • Respond to and add witty comments to your friends post to show your friends that you read and appreciate their post.

Regularly interact with your friends, to increase the chances to get Facebook likes on your content. With these few tried out steps, you can start posting contents to your Facebook page to garner more and more likes on your contents.


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