Google Play Store | Android Market App Review and Login
Google play store is the official mobile market where application for android device both paid and free apps are available for download. Google play store is like an application installed by the OS manufacturers to enable quick download of application. Such as games and other application software. That ensures good usability.

Google Play Store

As we all know that market is a place where buyer and sellers meet. Google play store is a mobile market. Doesn’t mean it’s a place where all market products such as farm products are sold. This is a market where application software that is developed by developers all over the world comes to sell their apps.

Majority of these apps are free to download. We also have apps that users have to pay before they can be able to download. There are millions of android apps and android games for download on Google play store. As it is open to both users and developers to show case and purchase their favorite apps.

How to Login to Google Play Store

To Login to this platform in other to gain full access to all the apps available for download. In other to login in to this port you need to have an account with Google. This account can be any Google account.

The easiest way to get a Google account is when you sign up to their mailing service called Gmail. So if you already have a Gmail account you can login with it. or visit to create one
New uses get confused about what app to download when they visit Google play store for the first time.

You get to see apps. With very attractive icons. And high end display graphics in Google play store.  In other to be sure of what app you are downloading. Users can read a short review about the app and see how it works before downloading.

What Mobile Device Supports Google Play Store

Just because I said Google play store is a mobile market doesn’t mean it has apps for all mobile OS. It is a mobile market for android device such as

Android TV.
Android Phones.
Android Tablet.

This device are classified under smart devices. They have the ability to carry out multiple tasks at same time. And they run on an operating system called Android OS.

There are millions of mobile brands that run on Android OS. This brings us to the point where we have Google play store. As the market place where users can download application for his or her device. Just like Apple has App store for iPhone. So as Google has play store for Android devices.

What Is In Google play store?

Google play store is not a store just for downloads. Because all mobile apps be it application software or mobile games at some point requires update.

Updating an app doesn’t mean you have to download the app all over again. Is just that you have to download an additional file to the app. In other to get the new features that was add by the developer.


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