Hide friend list on Facebook social network allows you to set the visibility of your friend list. If the user wants to keep his or her friend list private, the user can do so by setting the list visibility to Only Me. Hide friend list on Facebook some users still have a problem with this features. Users can still see some of their friends even if they can’t access the full list. while go thru their friend list explains some of this on the privacy setting screen.

Hide Friend List - Hide Friends List on Facebook

The Only Me setting doesn’t limit your friend’s list to only you. Sometimes its good for users to keep their friends protected. The hide friend list feature is one of the best security settings for every user to keep their friend list private. Due to the high number of users who are on facebook some user go about and looking out on other users friend list. In other to prevent such user, you need to make use of the hide friend list on facebook features.

Reason User Need to Hide Friend List

They are a lot of reason. If a user has been using Facebook for any length of time you probably know what I mean. User accepts a friend request from one person that user has a few friends in common with. The next thing user now has 200 friends in common with them. These are the folks that send a user friend request hoping the user will accept. so they can then access their friend list and send all of their friends Facebook Friend Invites.

Others who use their Facebook profile for personal reasons only. If a user wants to hide their friend list to protect their friends from getting bombarded with friend requests from their other friends. For whatever reason. Facebook doesn’t allow a member to hide their mutual friends. so be sure to take that into consideration. if you’re ever in a situation where it might negatively affect the user or someone user cares about.

How to hide friend list on Facebook.

Privacy is one of the big concerns of Facebook. But recently Facebook implemented a lot of new settings for maintaining a user’s privacy. Now, a user has control of almost everything in their profile. The user also has the control over how they want to share material. Users can even hide their status from some user on the platform. To secure your friend list from being perused by other users. it is important that you change your privacy options. Follow the steps described below to get the work done;

  • Visit the platform www. Facebook.com on your device.
  • Click on your profile which is your main profile on Facebook.
  • Then you will click on friends.
  • Click on the pencil sign on the side of find friend.
  • Click on edit privacy after clicking the pencil sign.
  • Then you will choose who you want to see your friends list.
  • choose who you want to see it if only me, public or friend you have only.
  • Then click on done at the down part of the edit privacy.

After performing all the information given to you. you have successfully put your friend’s list to privacy.  you are also the only person to choose who to go thru your friend list on the platform.


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