The Information collected on  and  how it’s been processed.
On  web site we collect  users personal information. There are so many ways we collect users information.  can get all your information from top social media that you sign up with. Let’s take for instances you are signed in to gmail on your PC.

You can access your google+ account using gmail. Now you might probably get to see our links on google+ or other social media platform you are signed into.  If you have click on our link from any platform  can get all your information from the pages where you click on our link.  we not sell or give out a user personal information or data to third parties.

We value every user’s information and we keep them safe from others. Just as a user value his or her personal information so as onelightapps. Your privacy is very important to us

Tell a Friend About

You can tell a friend about onelightapps by sharing our links on various Web page or you can also click the social media share button on our Web page. Tell a friend about us and the informative content you saw on our website. We at we are here to give every visitors our support and help tips they need at no cost. 

If you wish to welcome a new user on our behalf feel free. But we are not asking you to tell them to pay a fee for the information they get on onelightapps. We are trying to build a website platform for mobile phone, PC and other Tech related issues. One of our ultimate goal is to get every user informed about their mobile apps and softwares. is not asking you to import your contact and other data to our platform. Sending emails to other user as regards our wesite is at your own experiences and record as we never ask any of our users to send emails to other users. We are not trying to send away our users and we don’t save any data information of our users.

User Data Investigation

This is also known as Personal Data Investigation. A users information collected is known as data. 
Only administrators and our team can investigating movement of users in our site. We have also put in place some robot to help us in the investigation of data sent from your browsers or program.


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