Shutterstock is a tech company. This platform’s growth to limelight has brought an immense solution to users to be able to access licensed contents. These are digital related contents such as music, videos, and images. As an American digital body, it serves as a platform to enrich your archives with free stock photos.


As a global marketplace with over 900 million Royalty Free Images, vector graphics and illustration, the platform was founded in the year 2003 by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer. It provides adequate free images for website developing. These free images can be accessed either via the web platform or Shutterstock app.

The official web address for this platform is which every user must enter in their URL section on their browser. visit the web platform and get access to lots of free stock photos, vectors, editorial and other digital contents. Users can also get access to all various features that are available on the website while using the mobile app.

Shutterstock Web Domain

In other to solve the challenges faced by visitors on the quest to reach contents in websites pages, this platform has created an easy to access icons placed on the left part of its menu bar to enable users to have a swift reach to desired contents. These icons which are Images, footage, music, and blog.

  • Images.
  • Footage.
  • Music.
  • Blog.

Under images, you will find three basic options which are photos, vectors, and editorial. The photo option gives Users access to the royal free stocks, free images to use on websites, free stock foto, and other licensed photo material through which they are enabled to obtain the millions of contents in its archive.

To have access to the Shutterstock video the footage icon has been availed for stock footage videos,  royalty free HD, and 4K videos and much more. a click on this icon opens the world of stock footage section ranging from technology, people, art, nature, sports, and background.

Soul lifting sounds that can create calmness in users spirit has been stored and can be obtained from the music icon. These sounds comes on diverse genres. Like audio logos, country, children, folk, dubstep, jazz, holiday, new age, pop, rock, games, trailer, reggae, blues, Latin and more.

How To Download on

An easy approach has to be taken by users to start the download of desired content on this platform. A click on the start downloading option is required. This will lead you to the next page where users can now access the two download mode. This download mode which is the start for the free option and the subscribe standard license. Below are the steps required.

  1. Click on your web browser and input in the URL address section.
  2. Click on the start downloading option at the right part of the menu.
  3. Choose your desired download option, either the start for free or the subscribe standard license.
  4. Input your email address and password and accepted the terms and conditions then click the continue icon.

In order to start the download, you will have to click on one of the download options.This can either be the start for free and access the desired content or the subscriptions standard license which is the second option. In other to download from the other options such as footage and music this approach help you achieve same goals.

Shutterstock App

This mobile app was created by Shutterstock to enhance in elegance the way for users to search, organized and download millions of lovely stock photos, illustrations, and vectors. This content can be downloaded from the world’s top leading subscription base digital content managers on your androids device. Shutterstock app helps Android users to easily surf the net on things such as:

  • stress-free browsing through the image library of the Shutterstock with just a swipe finger.
  • ID usage to find the exact image.
  • Share, organize and create images collections.
  • Images can be directly downloaded to your device, to the cloud and also your computer, using your Shutterstock paid account.

To access the full potential of this Shutterstock app you only require a free browsing account on this platform to enjoy this collection. Just signing up within the app or at web portal. Shutterstock app was created to give users the best experience while using their mobile phones to access loads of great digital contents in its hub.


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