Switch Facebook Account is a simple feature to use. About 2 billion people in the world now use Facebook every day. People use Facebook for so many reasons, it could be for personal use, business, professional or corporate purpose. Facebook is sure a wonderful place to share photos, videos, make friends and market products. For this reason, many have now resorted to having more than one account so that they can achieve their aim.

Switch Facebook Account - How To Switch Facebook Account

When all accounts are set up, they can serve a different purpose, for example, you can have a separate personal account and while you are running a business account. Here we come about the Facebook feature switch Facebook account. This is good so that one can control the privacy of each account exclusively. In 2016, Facebook released a feature for switching accounts in their mobile apps. However, this applies fully to iPhone users as this feature is only available in the lite version which is on a mobile device.

To switch Facebook account, the normal Facebook app requires one to log out before adding another account. Meanwhile, there are several third-party app that allows users to easily switch Facebook accounts in their platform. These apps are available for both Android and iOS devices, and they can be easily downloaded from the mobile store. This feature is also available in Facebook messenger for Facebook users. Here is how you can switch Facebook accounts on your desktop or mobile devices.

Switch Facebook Account With Your Facebook app

To switch Facebook account you will have to log in to your Facebook app. After that, (a blue icon with a white “f” on it) would show on your Android device. It should take you to our news feed if you are already logged in. Login with your Facebook login details if you are using the app for the first time, otherwise proceed to your newsfeed.

  1. Tap the three horizontal lines located at the top-right corner of your android screen and bottom-right of your iPhone. Doing this should open your navigation pane.
  2. From the navigation option, you have to tap “Log Out”. A window pops up asking you to confirm your action.
  3. Check the box to the left of “save a password to log in easily” if shown by tapping on the box (this is to make sure the app saves your login information before logging out).
  4. Tap the “Log Out” link in the confirmation window. Doing this will take you to the app’s login page.

Tap “+log into another account” below your profile picture. Doing this will open a new login form so that you can enter the login detail of another account.

Switch Facebook Account With The Parallel Space App for android device

This is a third party app developed by LBE Tech, this app allow Facebook user to log into their accounts at the same time without interfering with the data in each account. This app has an incognito feature that helps in protecting your data by making the app invisible. Switching account in this app is very easy; with just one tap you can switch to another account.

All you have to do is to download and install the app from the Google Play store. Once it is installed, open the app. Select “Facebook” from the list of available apps in Parallel Space homepage. Log in with another Facebook account and you are good to go. You are also allowed to add many app as you like because Parallel Space does not only support Facebook, it also support other social network apps like Twitter, Gmail, etc.

Switch Facebook Account the Friendly App for iOS and Android

This app allows a Facebook user to log into their separate accounts simultaneously and switch Facebook account between them just by a tap. This app can be not just for Facebook app alone but also for other social network apps. It also has a feature for selecting any colour to differentiate the different accounts. However, this app is available for Android and iOS devices especially those with iOS 7.1 or later. Download and install the Friendly Social app from the Apps Store or Google Play Store to start using it.

Switch Facebook Account With Your Desktop

Switch Facebook accounts are very simple on the desktop and it can be done in several ways. Why Your Facebook account is log in to your desktop web browser, you will need to log out the first account you opened before you can log into another account. At the left top side of your Facebook account home page, click on the arrow facing down and log out that account.

Alternatively, you can quickly login another account by clicking on the add account box. Then type in your login details (Your email account or phone number and your password) then click Login. Finally, you have succeeded in adding two accounts in one browser. One amazing thing about the switching of Facebook account on the desktop is that, after you finally added as much account, you can easily switch account without login out through the Facebook account process. Note you can add as more account you want to and later switch on any.


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