Waptrick is a gaming, video, photo, mp3 and other multimedia file wap site. This is a port for just mobile files. Waptrick is one of the oldest wap sites with thousands of mobile files available for download. As a user who wants to download a file from www.waptrick.com your don’t have to pay any fee. This is a free wap site and doesn’t require any fee in other for a user to get files on the Waptrick.com portal.


What’s in www.waptrick.com wap site

As a user if you are new to this wap site you can easily find your way around files on this portal. There are thousands of file in store for download. When it comes to Waptrick.com wap site downloaded has no limits because all media files are available for you to download. www.waptrick.com wap site is built around mobile files all files in this wap site are mobile  comparable files. Such as.

Free Android games, Java Games.

Waptrick Music mp3
Download Free Mp3 Music.

Download Films, Music Videos, Video Clips.

Photo Gallery
Interesting photographs browsable gallery.

Free applications.

Photos & Pictures
Thousands of backgrounds, wallpapers, photos.

Professional themes for your phone.

Live Wallpaper
HD live wallpapers, live wallpaper backgrounds.

Waptrick E – books
E – books, magazines, comics in pdf format.

Funny animated images.

Sound Effects
Funny sounds, free sound FX library.

www.waptrick.com Categories

Above is list of categories that are available on www.waptrick.com you as a user can start downloading for free. There is also an extension of a subcategory in each of this category as listed below each of them. This is as to help users to easily locate a particular file on this portal. When it comes to mobile file this www.waptrick.com has always been on top of the game.

When I was in high school way back as a teenager my best media file was Game and Mp3 Music. My classmates were also game frick. We visit waptrick.com portals like every day downloading one music or the other. It was our most visited site on our device.

This wap site keeps us updated and informed with the list media file up for download. One good thing about this portal is that all categories are been updated on a daily basis. As soon as new files are available they are been updated on this website. This has been one of the most reliable wap sites with lots of  Music, Full HD Movie, Games, Full Mp3.

There are also other files for other mobile platforms like android available for download. You can download media from the list mobile platform. www.waptrick.com has made it easy for all mobile users to easily get access to all the media files and also make them compatible with smaller devices. All digital content like music, games, videos and mp3 are made compatible with other mobile platforms.

www.waptrick.com other services

There are other services available on this wap site. This is not just a site for media files there are other online services like Horoscope, Live scores, Kickwap.com, Welody Application and Song Lyrics on www.waptrick.com other service section. These are some other unique service that is available for free in other to cover other features that are not available on this website.

Waptrick video – Films, Music Videos, Video Clips

There are various types of videos available on this website for free-ranging from music videos and short video clips. As a user, you can download any type of video on this portal at no cost whenever you visit waptrick.com video section.

This is a mobile wap portal not just for mp3 music and games. A user can also download video from this portal to their mobile device. There are various file formats available pending on the supported format by your phone. If you are using a java phone you can download the 3gp format or mp4 file format pending on which format your phone supports.

Waptrick Games – Free Android games, Java Games

If you are looking for the best mobile game for your mobile platform waptrick.com is the place. You can start downloading your favourite game for free as this portal support all mobile OS ranging from Java to Android. You can get games for free there is no restrictions on supported devices. As a user, all you need is to www.waptrick.com using your device. This we enable this wap site to show only mobile games that are compatible with your device.

Waptrick Java Games Android Games and IOS Games

This is a step by step process on how to get games for free. If your mobile phone is among any of the above-listed mobile platforms. You can download waptrick mobile games that are suitable for your mobile device. Downloading is easy just follow the below steps. But first, you need a Web browser in other to begin this process.

  1. As a user run any Web browser on your pc or mobile device.
  2. Enter the Web address in the address bar as www.waptrick.com and wait for the Web page to load.
  3. Navigate to tad where you see games and click on it to load up.
  4. You can click on any category of your interest. All games on waptrick portal are arranged in various category.
  5. Select the game you want to download and click on it in order to load up the download page.
  6. You need to click on the subscribe link or the download page whichever one that comes up.
  7. Select any download speed to begin a download.

This is how easy it is to when you want to download from this was site. No registration no fee or charges on files on this site. Get the best for your mobile it’s free and open to all users.



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