Whatsapp is one of the best mobile apps for sending short messages. When it comes to sending short messages to other users you can send unlimited messages. In as much as you have them on your contact list. This is an instant messaging client for smartphone users.


Whatsapp application makes use of internet data to send short messages, audio, images and video to other users on this platform. This amazing app was developed in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. Whatsapp had some major challenges that when it was first lunched.

But it was later updated to fix the errors that the application has. Whatsapp application was first lunched on iPhone (app store for iPhone) in November 2009. Symbian device is recoded as the oldest of all mobile OS that has the ability to run whats app application.

Features of Whatsapp

With this app, users can create a profile, make calls to whatapp contact, create a group, back up conversation, get instant notification, send messages and update Status. It has other unique features than other mobile messaging client.

The application works best both on touch and phones with smaller sсrееn. There are some basice, features of whatsapp I would like to talk about. Majority of users only send message without exploring what’s in the app.


This is basic information about you. This information is open to all visitors, in other for them to be able to identify you. Just like you facebook profile.

A profile contain your name and photography, when ever any user click on your profile he we be able to identify you with this information.

User can change his profile name to anything he or she likes. It can contain alphabets, numbers and symbols. Its beastly advice that users make use of their nick name (names that is best known to friends)


This is a short massage to describe, what your current condition, position, and standing, are. It’s a way of expressing yourself to people who viewed your profile. Most users use it to extend wishes and send greeting to friends.

Majority of use make use of their friends pictures as their profile picture with a happy birth day wishes to their friend.

How to Download Whatsapp

Downloading this app cost $0.00, lots of users still find it difficult to download. Here is a step on how to download this app from the office site.

  1. Enter the url as www.whatsapp.com on your web browser.
  2. Click on the download icon.
  3. In this step you need to specify your mobile platform and device.
  4. Check if your device is among the supported device listed and click download.

Whatsapp for PC

This is an application design to run only on mobile devices. There is no Whatsapp application software available for PC, but there are other alternative on how to use this app on PC (whatsapp web).

This is a version of whatsapp that works with a web browser on your PC. Note that you can’t install it to your PC it is a web version that sync all your messages from your mobile right to your phone. This version is compatible on all PC web browser.


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