Boasting of around 18 million users as at the end of 2017, Pinterest is fast becoming the preferred online visual and content platform in the world. is the official website for Pinterest and as such by visiting this website you are sure to be a step closer to gaining access to one of the world’s image gallery collection. - Pinterest Sign Up for New Account

To create a Pinterest account is very easy. All you have to do is just carry out the Pinterest sign up. There are 3 ways you can sign up on Pinterest but all of them must be done on Users are required to make use of a web browser or mobile to access the platform. You can also sign up right from the mobile app if you dont have an account yet.

Pinterest Sign Up Via

As mentioned there are 3 ways you can go about Pinterest Sign Up. The first method involves you creating an email that you can use to get a username and password. You will be sent a confirmation link to this email that will help you go further on Pinterest Sign Up process. The second method involves you creating a Pinterest account by using your existing Facebook account detail.

The third method is similar as the second method. Here, you will be required to use your existing twitter account details. All three methods are easy and are all accessible via The Pinterest login process can be done in 3 ways namely: With a new email, with your existing Facebook account details, or with your existing twitter account details.

Pinterest Login with New Email via

To login to your Pinterest account using the email, procedure involves you to have created an email at the point if Pinterest sign up. A confirmation link will be sent to the email address you provide. All you need to do is go to the inbox of that email address and click on that link.

This will take you to your page where you can now choose a username and a password. You will be altered if the username you chose is available or not. The next time you intend to login, all you need to do is just go to the login page, provide your username and password an then you will gain access to your account.

Pinterest Login With Facebook Account Details Via

User can now login to other social media web platform using facebook. This is a was to get access back to your account in one click. To login to your Pinterest account using your existing Facebook account details, follow these steps below.

  • Visit on a web browser.
  • A sign up page will pop up. Below it you will find “log in”. Click on log in.
  • You will see 3 options: “login with Facebook”, “login with twitter”, and login.
  • Click on “login with ”
  • Another page will pop up taking you to a Facebook log in portal.
  • Enter your Facebook username.
  • Enter your Facebook password.
  • If correct, another page will pop up with the question continue with [Your Facebook first name]. Click on it.

At this point, you will be directed straight to your Pinterest profile page where you can continue. This is just the same as using the default login steps as you will be login to the same account.

Pinterest Login With Twitter Account Details via

The process of logging in to your Pinterest account using your existing Twitter account details is similar to you logging in to your account using your existing Facebook account details. You also need to log into your twitter account and click on continue as [your twitter handle].

How to Carry Out Pinterest Logout via

For users to carry out a Pinterest logout, users must be currently logged in to their account. Users cannot log into their account if they have not first done a Pinterest sign up, so that is the first thing. All these operations are possible only within the official website The steps are explained below.

  1. After logging into your account via on a web browser.
  2. Check the personal profile area at the top right corner of your Pinterest home.
  3. Select the “Settings” icon.
  4. Scroll down to the last option where you will find “Log out”.
  5. Click on it to log out.

Loggin out of your account is the best option for every user to keep their account safe. This is best for users who are not making use of his or her personal device. Keep your account logged on can give access to unauthorized users.


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