Have you ever think of organizing all your email such as Gmail, Aol, Outlook, Hotmail, and Yahoomail in one box on your mobile phone. Yahoo mail app is the best application for you that can be installed on your mobile phone.

Yahoo Mail App

Downloading yahoo mail app on your mobile phone gives you access to email updates regardless of what email service provider you are using. One thing a user should always think about is the ability to get quick access to their mailbox. Yahoo mail app allows users to get an instant notification right on their mobile phone.

This is a way of taking your emails ever where you go. As will all know that mobile devices are really changing how the internet user browser the web. Mobile phones are now rated as the most used device when it comes to visiting the web.

Yahoo Mail App Review

This app is brought to you by yahoo. There is lot more up for users who have this app on their mobile devices. Starting from the interface and the free storage space up for users. Yahoo mail is well built with an easy to use features where users can easily navigate around and get to see notifications. There is a total of 1000 GB that is been allocated to all users for free.

This is a secure cloud storage that gives user the benefit of storing their digital files online. There are various tabs and menu available on the app platform. With these menus, users can easily manage his or her account right from the yahoo mail app. Right on the app user can get access to:

  • Inbox.
  • Unread.
  • Starred.
  • Draft.
  • Sent.
  • Archive.
  • Spam.
  • Trash.

This are the tab that are also available when you visit the web version. There is also access to account setting and management. This is where you can switch from one account to another. For instance, you have your yahoomail account and Gmail account logged in to your yahoo mail app you can always use the manage account section to switch account.

Yahoo Mail App Setup

The setup process has always been so easy when using the app. All you need to start with is to download the app right from your mobile store. You can always sign up for an email account using yahoo mail app on your mobile phone. This is for users who wants to create a new account. Yahoo mail app sign up process quite more easy and fast.

You can sign up for an account for free using Yahoo mail app. Why user who already has an account can always login to their account. User with multiple accounts can make use of the account management section to login all their accounts. This gives you access to get notified as soon as your received email messages in your inbox.

A user can also customize other features such as swipes. These are various action like delete, archive, and much more whenever you swipe to both right or left in a message in your inbox. Yahoo mail app also gives you a quick search bar for easy and fast search on messages, file, photos, and messages. Users also send attachment alongside with message via the app.

Yahoo Mail App Sign in

This is also the regular Yahoomail sign in process but this time you are signing in right with the app. The sign in process requires users to download the app on their mobile phones. Once you already have the app on you mobile phone lets get started.

  1. Run the app by click on the app icon on your device.
  2. Select the email service provider you want to login to.
  3. Enter you email ID and password and complete the verification process.

Note that login is for users who already have and must have completed the sign up yahoo mail account process or other email like Gmail sign up process. Sign in to your mail box and get unlimited access to email messages right on your device.

Yahoo Mail App Sign Up

The sign up process is very easy. Users can create an account right from the app. There is a section where users who don’t have an account can sign up for one. After you have selected the email service provider you want to sign up to. You can click on the sign up icon to get started with the sign up process.

Yahoo Mail App Download

Yahoo mail sign up is easy and fast when you make use of the app. It is a one click process you are on the sign up page download the app today and get access to all your email account all in one app. For android user the is available on Google Play Store. Why iOS or iPhone user you can download the yahoo mail app from App Store its free for all users.


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